The rules for leaves and outings for the students would be as follows:

  1. The outings per month for the students will be as listed below:
    S.No. Year OutingsĀ  per month
    1 P1 1
    2 P2 1
    3 E1 2
    4 E2 2
    5 E3 3
    6 E4 4
  2. As students have to maintain 75% attendance in academics, leaves shall be granted as requested by students at their own risk and responsibility.
  3. Students are instructed to apply for leave one day before. Leaves/ Outings will be granted by wardens on working days only.
  4. IN-time for the the students is 9:00 PM.
  5. Emergency issues will be addressed 24×7 by the Care takers/ Wardens/ ADSW/ DSW.
  6. If any student(s) found involved in any prohibited behavior, a range of disciplinary actions either in single or in combination will be imposed on based on the act(s) of the student(s).