Hardware instructions: 


S. No Instruction
1 Each student should bring the Laptop (with full charging), Adaptor and a LAN cable.
2 Each student should check their Laptop, LAN Port & Wi-Fi with good working condition.
3 Your system should NOT contain any kind of content/material/notes etc.  Please refer to the examination malpractice rules and mentioned disciplinary actions.
4 Your laptop should NOT contain any password.
5 If you have any hardware/software issues, solve them before the exam. Explaining any kind of reasons will NOT be entertained at the time of exam.
6 Note: Any kind of intermittent hardware/software problems, the invigilator will NOT take the responsibility. So, please follow all the above instructions carefully and avoid the emergency issues.




Software instructions: 


S. No Instruction
1 Preferred OS for all EST exams is Windows/Zorion.

You can download and watch the tutorials such as general network setting instructions, java installations, jar opening and submissions and all examination hall IP addresses(You must save this pdf on your desktop)  from:


Make sure that your laptop is java enabled. If you don’t have the java please download it from the below link and install it:


Your laptop should be able to open .jar file.

All the students must exercise and practise the opening .jar file and uploading .tst files using the sample test files available at the below link:

If java available in system then 3 ways to open jar file are

a)    Double click on .jar file.

b)    Right click on .jar file and select option open with java run time. If  it is not open then

c)     Right click on .jar file and select properties, choose permissions and select tick mark on allow executing file as a program.

Sample .tst files can be uploaded using the below link for practice

4 Note: Any kind of intermittent software problems at your end, the invigilator will NOT take the responsibility. So, please watch the tutorials and follow all the above instructions carefully.




 General instructions: 


S. No Instruction

You must bring ID Card to each and every exam. Failing to show the hall ticket, you will NOT be allowed into the exam hall.

2 Very Important: As there will be shuffling, students should attend the examination halls 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Nobody will be allowed after the scheduled time.
3 Very Important: For EST exams you have to use 16 page booklets for descriptive part. NO further additional sheets will be given for descriptive part.
3 Students are informed not to bring any objectionable material like papers, mobiles, i-pad/pods, pen-drives, SD cards etc., if found, student can be debarred from writing ONE/ALL the examinations.
4 If any student is found copying, he/she can be booked under malpractice.
5 Give your complete details as required on the answer script. In case of any deviation, answer script will not be evaluated.
6 Late submission of scripts will not be entertained.
7 Note: Kindly, cooperate with the invigilators in each and every moment of the exam.




Please follow the above instructions and give the best exam




(Exam cell, RGUKTN)